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Celine Dion - Can't Fight The Feelin' lyrics

[Verse 1]
I feel a little peculiar
Feeling kinda strange
I don't know what it is
But I like the change
That comes over me
Whenever he is around
It's as if my feet
Don't even touch the ground
Because when I'm feeling down
He's there to pick me up
And when I talk too much
He doesn't interrupt
Let me tell you there is no better guy
This is how it makes me feel inside

I want to dance (dance)
I want to play (play)
Well can you hear my heartbeat (boom boom)
A million miles away
He won't stop (stop) no no
Till I drop (drop) yeah
And every day and night he tells me
I'm so special that he never could give me up

I'm hooked on a feeling
A natural high
You better believe it
And the reason why
It's a thing called love
It makes me feel so alive
And I can't fight the feeling
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[Verse 2]
Somebody told me once
You only get one chance
So live your life
And do the best you can
Once a day goes by
You never get it back
So live every minute
Like it was your last

Just dance (dance) mmm
Come on play (play)
And tell somebody you love them (I love you)
At least once a day
And don't stop (stop)
Until you drop (drop)
I didn't know that one day someone so special
Would come along to steal my heart


Love, love, love
And John Lennon said
That was all you need
If you taste it once
It won't be enough


Can't fight the feeling
You better believe it

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