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Celine Dion - On The Same Boat lyrics

Sur les passerelles
Populaires ou premi
On monte les malles, des quais sur le pont
On charge dans les cales de l'acier, des jurons
Ne manque plus qu'un signe, du capitaine un mot
Des cabines aux cuisines
Sur le m

On the boarding footbridges
Coaches or first classes, back or front
We bring the luggage, from quays on board
We fill in the hold with steel, with swear words
Only waiting for a sign, from a captain one word
From cabins to kitchens
On the same boat
Un doigt de champagne, un toast au d
Dans les soutes le bagne et les heures de quart
Des soir
Aux ombres,
En attendant l'escale, ath
Sous les m
Sur le m

A finger of champagne, a toast to the departure
In all the holds, the penal section and the hours of shifts
Society receptions, waltzes or tangos
To shadows, to sorrow, a bad alcohol
While waiting for the ports of call, athens or macau
Under the same stars
On the same boat
Au feu des machines, souffre matelot
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Des salles de moteurs, des salons joyaux
Ici la sueur, le plus grand luxe en haut
Mais vienne une temp
Toutes les
Sur le m

Under the fire of the machines, sailor suffers
Near the swimming pool, the pretties and the handsomes
From engine rooms, from jewel living rooms
Here the sweat, the biggest luxury upstairs
But comes a storm, a wave higher than the others
All the souls are worried
On the same boat
Quand les astres s'en m
Quand tout devient si fr
Plus de rang plus de classe, plus de bagne ou de beau
Chacun la m
Sur le m

When the stars take part of it on the huge ocean
When everything becomes so fragile to the elements
No rank no class, no jail workers no handsomes
Everyone the same distress
On the same boat, on the same boat
Sur le m
Sur le m

On the same, on the same boat
On the same boat

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