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Celine Dion - The Ballet lyrics

Au milieu d'une heure incolore

It happens to you without a warning

In the middle on a colourless hour
Un geste, une odeur, un regard
Qui comme d

A gesture, a smell, a look

Which like tear off your decor
Se pointe

Suddenly your heart who almost forgot you

Is showing itself at your door and restart to knock
Attention, le ballet va commencer

Attention, the ballet is about to begin
Tu comprends pas trop c'qui (1) t'arrive
Tu crois d'abord

You don't know what's happening to you

You first thing to an error
Tu l'
Entre le d

You avoid her and she guesses you

Between pleasure and pain
Tu t'entends lui dire des phrases sans aucun sens
Qu'importe les mots n'ont plus d'importance

You hear yourself tell her empty phrases

Whatever the words have no more importance
Car le ballet a comme

Because the ballet has begun
Il met ses plus beaux atours et du miel sur sa voix
Toi tu te fais velours et tes bijoux brillent sur toi
Il te dit po
Tu r
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She's at her best and put honey on her voice

You you make yourself velvet and your jewelry is shining on you

She tells you poetry and dreams of far away trips

You answer florence, painting, perfect images
Dames et cavaliers, avancez

Ladies and knights, step ahead
Un coup d'oeil
Un regard quand elle se penche et laisse deviner un sein
Elle sait dej
Le cambr

One look at her back, her hips when the galant go away

A look when she bends over and let show a breast

She already knows his hands, the outline of his lips

The curve of his back that she noted gently
Car le ballet va s'animer

Because the ballet will animate itself
Il a su les codes et donn
Encore un peu d'alcool et que tombent les cuirasses
Et le temps s'arr

He known the codes and gave the right passwords

A little more alcohol and cuirasses to fall

Body keys delivered finally the skins kiss

And the time stops while grace last
Car le ballet, est bient
Et la vraie vie, va commencer
Et oui - la vraie vie -

Because the ballet is almost over

And the real live will begin

Yeah - the real life -
(1) c'qui: contraction of "ce qui", what is

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