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Celine Dion - If You Could See Me Now lyrics

[Verse 1]
Here they come
Every night the same
Silent stars
Light from a distant flame
Just like the memories of you
That I hold inside
I see you touch
But all the warmth has died
Empty rooms
Crowded by the past
Time is my enemy
Days keep moving faster
But the nights alone can be
An eternity
That never heals the scars
Of foolish pride

If only you could see me now
Goodbye is not so easy now
The freedom that I walked away to gain
Is nothing but these chains
That you alone can break
And you would free me now
Your heart would come undone
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Just looking at me once
And my love would bring you back
If only you could see me now

[Verse 2]
Here I am
Stranger to a smile
Trying to fight the tears
Missing by a mile
I'm not the one who laughed at you
On that yesterday
When you warned me not to throw your love away


[Verse 4]
Like the lonely moon
You see above
That sails the dark alone
I have no light of my own
Other the love we've known
So long ago


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