Cdot Honcho - Voicemail lyrics

Let me find out you see me callin you
I ain't finna keep blowin up yo phone
Like I'm one these thirsty a** b**hes
You got me f**ed up
I don't kiss no a** b**h my IG lit I can f** any n***a I want though Forreal
You act like I'm tryna be yo b**h or sum
I just want atleast a lil respect
I know you ain't no where there wit yo ugly a** friends
And them dirty a** Dick doing hoes off Instagram
Keep playin wit me Ima send them n***as to yo crib
b**h now call my phone right now !

[Verse 1]
f** on yo b**h kick ha out on ha a**
Cts v man that b**h like a bullet
You pull up I'm leavin yo a**
30 round clip we ain't beatin yo a**
Buss on ha lip now b**h go bout yo business, every minute
I run up that spinach I'm up in the A
I just left outta Lenox fly to LA put my dick in some b**hes
Jog to the bank everyday hella fitness
Ask the tellers them b**hes is witness
Might f** a b**h but don't tell her my business
She set me up wet that b**h like the fishes
650 just me and beretta you tweak and then hollows a leak out yo blatter
Hop innat coupe and I'm smoking yo Jetta
Hit her 2 times drop her off where I met her
[Verse 2]
I'm ballin so stupid
Took hella racks out the bank and I blew it
Took that new coupe off the lot then I flew it
Empty the clip out the Uzi then threw it
Aye got that drink in my fluid run in yo trap and make hella confusion
Hundred round clips we jus come in and shootin
Hop in that straight and u know that I flew it aye
My pockets they look like Rick Ross
You run up I'm bringing yo life to a hault
That b**h give me too many calls that b**h irritatin
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I cut that b**h off shut that b**h off left that b**h lost
Hop in that rarri and stomp that b**h off
b**h wanna whine but I don't got the time
f** her two times then I cut that b**h off
I just spent a bag on my diamonds
Hoes do whateva I say like I'm Simon
I pour me a 4 den I'm flyin run it up no tony hawk I be grindin
My b**h look like she come from the island
She keep me straight cause a n***a be wildin
n***as so tuff it be havin me dyin
Marco he all in the cut like he spying

[Verse 3]
Bullets be flying bodies be flying up in red diamond t
Hem hundreds be flying
b**hes be going and b**hes be lying
n***as be cuffin em I don't be trying
I just be f**in em then I be duckin em
Me trust a b**h n***a you lyin
Honcho gang b**h we be running through racks
f**ing it up get it back everytime

[Verse 4]
n***a run in here it ain't one of those
Mac 10s FNs it ain't on those
n***a want war let a n***a kno
Heat seakers go right thru a n***a fro
I'm Rollin up woods all a n***a know
Bring a swisher then I point yo a** to door
LV my b**h stragiht frm the store
LV on my belt gotta couple those
Set a n***a up wit a couple hoes
Den wet a n***a up like a water hose
Gotta getta check then its adios
b**h I got more dough than dominos
Steady pouin up 4s finna overdose
Steady f**in yo hoe finna Letta go
50 round clip we a let it go
Then smoke dope like we ain't Neva know

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