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Cdot Honcho - Teflon Flow lyrics

[Verse 1: CDot Honcho]

Empty that clip at a n***a book
I'm with yo b**h and that b**h is took
And this some sh** when I pull up them b**hes lookin'
And I really want all of my clips to hang
Just encase you be hangin' out with a gang
You was smokin' that sh** is [*]
sh** them [?] come back like boomerangs
Up in barneys I blew like a couple thousand
Ain't no parkin' my b**h gotta drive around it
Wherever the law stay the f** from round it
Cause wherever we at there's a 30 round
Pull up on your block get to firin' it up
For all them [*] they all just [*] sh** up
And she know I ain't got it for her
I'm confused cuz this b**h steady dialin' me up
But she know I just skurrt off like solo
Nino and me throwin bullets like golo
Tryna stop me from puttin my coat on
This is my [*] b**h be easy
This hoe wanna see me but she got a deadline, cuz I be higher than an airline
Can't slide on a b**h I ain't got time, but if I do clip he be long than a redline
Plus I really ain't thinkin bout facetime, [***] puttin you in a headline
I just sit back and rewind, watchin the skyline, thinkin' bout goin to Dubai
I be smokin that headband I'm so high
Eyes finna close like a n***a from shanghai
I might walk in the mall and I'm blowin' it
Hop in that hellcat and get straight to flowin' it
Cop me a pint and I'm pourin' it
If it ain't money you know I'm ignoring it
If it ain't straight got a four in it
b**h actin freaky that b**h is a bored b**h
b**h s** me up thats so over with
She know that she'll get stitched like a sewing kit
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Pull out velatos they so pretty
[*] my [*] I paid about 450
[*] pull up with bout four 50s, aimin' at anything that ain't got no titties
n***as know they cannot f** with me
Like they is handicapped they cannot run with me
That drank knock me out like a nyquil
Roll up the woods I be higher than light bills
n***as get popped like a night pill
Tryna come up but that sh** just went downhill
That party you havin' we cancelin'
Nobody [*] that [*] be travelin'
Mask up your b**h like we traffickin'
Pay up or we sendin her back in packages
I'm movin' and trappin' with shells
n***a I'm grindin' like I'm on that rail
I get caught then I'm makin' that bail
Shoutout my lawyer he handle that well
That drank in my cup got me stumblin'
Hear me in my car that b**h rumblin'
Skurt off it sound like it's thunderin'
I ain't on your level I'm hoverin'
I just had a threesome with two b**hes
One of them yours I don't know who the other b**h is
Your b**h brought the other b**h, that b**h on freaky but I know b**hes so sneaky
We handle that easy, b**h believe me
Clips like CODG
I ain't worried bout that, all the b**hes know that
I ain't got no L.O.V.E
n***as talkin' all that
We pull up all black, and then I get T.R.E.E
You know that's smoke for F.R.E.E
Smoke you like a k
Just bought me an uzi
Run up I do em, bullets like QBs
ACP a [*], Louie belt I don't like that Gucci
While n***as steady tryna link I think they don't like coochie
I do not trust em, when I blink they might just try to do me

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