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Cassper Nyovest - 428 To LA lyrics

Young nigga but I got a lot though
Ain't nobody go as hard as I go
Your main ain't fucking with my
Side hoes
Sexy chubby nigga
Even though I got a pop flow I go
Bitches think I'm psycho
Cause I fuck em and never say hi
Tell ‘em that it's only cause Im
Shy though
But everybody know it's a lie

Hayibo – Ginda mfana
Bare ginda mdala
Ok, ok, Baya qcala
Bathi phinda mzala
Bathi phinda mzala
Bathi phinda mzala
Bathi phinda mzala

[Verse 1: Cassper]
I cannot pretend that I'm fucking
With any of you niggas in the game
I done did everything that's to be
Done in S.A
So I'm about to move out to L.A
Live as a viscous 428
Looked at the time it was 4:28
But the 6 in the 428
Did all this shit before 28
She wanted me so ka mo bella
Ka mo setla
Apologies to whoever o na mo leka
Probably o tlo mo nyala wa mo
Ke o khawathile
O ba bone bana ba
I know the future
All of your fans should be
Expecting all kinds of defeat
Zimbabwe, Nairobi, Nigeria
Bothle ba tlala ka ntwan' ya le


[Verse 2: Casey Veggies]
Thank God, I just hoped out the
I just copped a quarter chicken at
[Lyrics from: https:/]
I'm balling she say I got handles
I fuck her then I blow out the
She salute me she know that I'm a
She grabbed on my dick, I said
Hold up
Thirty racks in the bag at the hotel
I just got cashed up by the
Them doors open up like a folder
Grab my iPhone up out the cup
Gave the vallet a hundred said
Hold it
Im the man in these streets I
Thought I told ya
New fifth new whip spreading hope
Stay sippin lets have a toast
Im in Africa doing the most
Me and Cassper pull up in a Ghost


[Verse 3: Cassper]
Young nigga but I got though
Used to dream about it with
Used to be about ten niggas on a
Now I run the game I'm my
Motherfuckin idol
I just had a sold out show in
Just a little kid from the kasi
Made it from a Kayo Star to
Made it from a Kayo Star to
I make a mil in a month
You make about 500k
Sometimes when Im out of the
I can make about a million a day
Shit don't really even matter man
I know the wheel like the weather
I used to save all the hoes, now I
Don't give a fuck like I'm celibate
Don't get involved sheba fela wena
When you ask me who's running
The game
I hit the chest like I'm Benelyn
Ha ke na nako ya di tshele tshele
I'm about the game like Maselesele
Fede manyora ra phusha
Fede Manyora ra igerezela

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