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Cardi B - Wait A Minute (Verse) lyrics

Wait, wait, wait a minute
Hold on, wait a minute
All that shit she was talking
She said she ain't mean it
Wild shit, I be with it
Try me, you gon feel it
They praying on my damn floor but tight now cause I'm killing
Talk shit, I won't play safe
Catch you on ya block or ya workplace
I'm pulling up when you clocking out
Skrt, skrt
I'm a tailgate
Do you dirty in the worst way
Fuck ya man on ya birthday
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Said it start late
Got any time
Gave it to him in the sad case
Shooters with me at the same time
Never hesitate to go get mine
I see a her, I see a cop, fuck it, imma catch a quick fine
I swear to God it be smooth
You not gon see it on the news
No fingerprints on the tools
Motherfuckers won't have a clue
Wait a minute, lemme run this shit back tho
For the bitches that don't know how to act
So, I ain't going nowhere and that's a fact, hoe
I take my own route, I don't need a map, hoe
Wait, wait, wait a minute
Wait, wait, wait a minute

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