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f** all that talking sh** f** all that stalling sh** I came here to eat I ain't with that starving sh** Been on the hustle since young, so I been involved in sh**: The fakes, the snakes, heartbreaks-- I mean all of it I'm in my zone now and I ain't gon fold up They like Cardi all grown up yea b**h I glo'ed up They ain't see the blizzard coming these n***as done froze up They mad they been sleeping on me just be like you woke up I don't make scenes I just make movies Clip after clip after clip call it a uzi I feel like a bad a** I feel like I'm Boosie They quick to judge a b**h just wish they knew me I know a couple hittas done pulled a couple triggers Violate me they gon come and get you And I'm tired of y'all baby mamas y'all nothing but drama Always worrying about the new b**h why you so foolish watching my moves you like how I do sh** I make you feel insecure but that's not my problem Just worry about your kid and I'ma keep popping my collar And for those who want to know I'm not your average hoe I be on my bullsh**, but yea I got standards though Yeah I f**ed a couple n***as pulled a couple tricks Bust a couple splits s**ed a couple dicks But there is a story to everything and that's just real sh** My family had to eat and I had to pay the rent If it's green I'ma get it please stay the f** out my business b**h try me I promise you get it b**h try me there will be no winning Gotta watch all these faces there's too many counterfeits Sometimes when you hear them say I got you you can't even count on it That's why I f** with my b**hes only my b**hes My day one b**hes so please do not f** with my b**hes That's a brick in your face and you gon need stitches I see that you moving suspicious 200 dollars, they do you with quickness That's word to my niece I'm not kidding I f** with them BONs and they get vicious

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