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Canon - 116 Remix lyrics

3 (3), 2 (2), 1 (1)...
(Now let me hear you say)

One one six!
Everybody say!
One one six!
I wanna hear you say
One one six!
Everybody say
One one six!
I'm unashamed!
I'm unashamed!
I'm unashamed!
I'm unashamed!
I'm unashamed!
I'm unashamed!
I'm unashamed!
I'm unashamed!

I'm unashamed!
Now who I be
But it don't matter who I is
I tell you who I rep for
It be that k-I-n-g-o-f-k-I-n-g oh yes
I'm a put it down for the cross every time I get a microphone
Guarantee I put my flesh in a catacomb
Gotta hit 'em with a bit of truth, little bit of proof
Little bitty dudes wanna say the Lord don't exist
I'm gon' hit em with the fire, let 'em know that they a lie
Help em see God created this
Back on the lil track
Safe from the world ain't no way I'm turnin back
Free indeed as a matter of fact
Live my life for the king, you can run and tell that
HOMEBOY, at the throne, boy, you know what I'm on, boy
Too real, this is no toy, rep God, I have no choice
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I don't want one either, can't you see the King is cleanin' me
I got a backpack full of tracks, and I keep a Johnny Mac, better yet a ESV
Oh, you ain't feelin' me - oh cool- don't need your acolades
You can keep the fortune, fame
That's just your misfortune, mayn
Not because I'm tight, alright, the Lord the only one that's great
Through him now I have been saved
For Him I am anashamed

I don't showboat
But I do cruise on His LORDSHIP
So welcome to the boat show (ay!)
Let me get that... I'm a be livin
For a little minute finna rock this thing
They be wantin me to stop
But they gotta deal with it baby
Hey I'm not ashamed!
I'm a spread his fame
If I'm under the sun, it's gospel, mayn
This is how the show goes
For those of you who don't know
Perfectly purchased he purposefully purgin' me
Gotta be, gotta be Jesus
By the power of the Lord, man my homies hit the streets
Like I don't care about a wrist watch
They leave a tea shop
Hey this is real, got a brother in Indonesia
Where they persecute his bear arm
So I can't (can't what?) ease up
I done been put what? ease up
Jesus my Ebenezer if he leads us
Who can defeat us? huh!
So we livin it holy homie you know that we be gettin this
Say what you want homie you know that we gon live again
My wife to my life to my days and my nights
Gotta meet, gotta meet Jesus


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