Calenraps - #BarsOnly pt. 17 lyrics

I called your phone, you never picking up
See I got problems
But my problems never big enough
You not the greatest Listener
I hope she know when I'm gone I still be missing her
I hope she know that when I'm on
Then I'm never messing up
Baby you my conditioner
Always up in my head
And I mean it when I told you I'm loving you till i'm dead
And I thought that you want me more
When I started chasing the bread
But you told me you gon be with that other n***a instead
And I'm lonely
You knew me like nobody know me
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You think I'm f**ing hoes and I'm smoking blunts with the homies
You think I'm thinking about her but I'm thinking about you only
Wishing I was waking up next to you in the morning
Like damn, where the f** did I go wrong
In a room by myself and I feel like I don't belong
With everything on my shoulders
I always thought I was strong
But you the only reason I kept it pushing along
But you so perfect to me
You know I eat it like you serve it to me
You do me like no other person do me
We don't know our purpose do we?
You got me blacking like a Urban movie
I remember back when you ain't have a booty
But I still love you through the thick
But when I 'm gone I really hope it make you sick

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