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#CA346 - Na**er Hussain's “You Will Link to This Post” (Melanie Gerrits) lyrics

You will link to this post
by na**erhussain

This is the post.

This is the post that you will to link to in order to prove to everyone in your social media circles and platforms that you are a good person.

Since you are a good person, linking to this post will come naturally. This post is articulating something for you that you have often obliquely approached in polite conversation, but didn't quite say out loud, for fear of causing offence. This post is as good as saying it out loud. I have written it, but the credit is yours.

This post is your secret voice.

This is the post that bravely describes a personal matter in such a way that you can easily map your experience onto it. A short message from you at the top of your reposting of this post will make it clear to your social network that my experiences align so closely with yours, have no need to explore them.
[Lyrics from: https:/**er-hussains-you-will-link-to-this-post-melanie-gerrits.html]

Take everything I write as if it were yours.

This is the post that points out unfair work practices in western countries. This is the post that reminds you of women dying in non English speaking countries. This is the post that frees puppies. This is the post that takes a strong stand against a pervasive inequality. This is the post that warms your heart, and makes you call your mother, unless you don't like your mother: in which case this is the post that very carefully explains to people who have healthy family relationships not to presume that everyone in the world does, thank you very much.

You will link to this post because it is easier than thinking for yourself. You will link to this post because one of the bewildering and beautiful aspects of this medium is the fact that you can outsource your intellectual and emotional outputs in lockstep with five hundred other people who all have five hundred other friends (and so on ad nauseam), and in spite of this unimaginable bolus of binary data, in spite of the very fact that you now wish to devolve into a virus yourself, you can still feel unique and unified – simultaneously.

You will link to this post so that you don't have to read it.

You will link to this post because you finally understand that while reflection used to mean pondering something deeply, it has changed in the click of a mouse into a hall of mirror-sites. And it isn't even vanity: our reflections are so fleeting that we can't even get a glimpse of ourselves. You will repost this and change your profile picture again.

You will link to this post because a selfie just isn't enough these days.

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