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Ca**o - Role Model lyrics

Im not the role model type
Not the same how we live our life
I be in the sky, hella high, too fly
On land, gotta pick what Im'a drive

Im not the role model type
She say she wana f** tonight
I be in the sky, hella high, too fly
On land, can't pick what Im'a drive

Green bottles, gold bottles
Getn scratched like serato
We more Bravada, than Bravado
Head honchos, some of my G's, coke nostrils
Since high school like, "What you need?" sh**, we got you
Q.P for me, every 3 days, kept me floatin like stingrays
Shoe boxes taller than Dikembe
Car lit up, can't put this OG sh** up
Work under the hood, you know I got that get up
Me and the hustle, we never split up
Till how I act up and pin up, she whisper you a winna'
Shades on me and its midnight
She married and she textin like you know Im trynna get right


I know it look good when I slide through yo hood
But lets get it understood, that this grindin put me through it
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Pressin diamonds against my wood, swangin vogue tires
Eyes on the road, mind on my money
Prayin at the same time
That none of these devil eyed monsters of jealousy get the best of me
And k**as feel compelled to wish d**h to me
Shells and yellow tape around the luxury car, of slain stars
Vision of those keep me on my toes, bro
So thats why I seldom roll to the home of them hoes doe
Where we could meet, balcony suite, top floor
Your friends could roll, if they bad like you
I could call my crew
No role model, tho I roll wit a model or two


Find yo chick, and cloud surffin wit a n***a
While Im wit her you on yo twitter, searchin for a n***a
But I dm'd her, told'er get rid of all the recent mentions
No wonder why you ain't so good at pimpin
Focused on the wrong image
Your word play can get you millions, but it depends on how you build it
Young bull, when Im around them OG's, n***a I just listen
Thats free game given, I take it but never twist it
Livin but wana k** it, sometimes I be contradicting
Questions come up bout women
They ask me, how I did it
Did what? Im still chillin, writin descriptions, and what?
Lil lion, Im'a be the king when the old man dust
Ca**o, but when they introduce me, hoes stand up
And what, n***a


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