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Ca**ius Tae - Torn Apart lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm just too honest
Truth be told these true feeling they been tip toe'n like two-timers
Two times I been two timed and..
I feel a rush of wind when you breeze by you might f** around and make a new climate
It's not like you..
To send signals but you like too
Let me know that your love is real..
Tucked inside of my heart
Has always been dark but now that this love..
Rushed inside of my heart
I feel Torn Apart cause all of this love..
Needs to find a new balance
You and her is such a challenge
Picture pain where you picture love
Or plan to paint a picture about malice
This the sh** that I play at night when i'm confused and i just sit in silence
But I'm so torn apart this sh** can't be real
Then you tell me like..


[Verse 2]
[Lyrics from: https:/**ius-tae/new-beginnings/torn-apart.html]
Say cause it's a quarter to four
We been talking on the low
I been texting you been calling you we been chilling on the phone
Say cause it's a quarter to four
We been talking on the low
And I been texting you, been calling you
Been texting you, been calling you
For nothing..
This double life that I'm livings not for discussion
What is planned to be, and nothing more
Was a friend to me, but apparently that wasn't enough control
I guess the secrets that I told you weren't enough to know
You my best friend I got girlfriend, reasons why I'm so f**ing low
My senses coming to me like "in this sh**
Whole time you been innocent
I mean in a sense like you did love me but it was meant to be in a different tense
And I took it wrong and now I'm feeling sh**
No talking on some distant sh**
Then I go to my first thought like deep down you still feeling sh**"
History that we done had together
Somewhere there we done grown apart
Old thing I'm reminiscing on
Part the reason I'm Torn Apart
You feel the love too..
But I don't love you...

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