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Ca**ius Tae - To The Block lyrics

[Door Knocks]
[Verse 1]
Aye picture me
Rollin in a Regal
Deep as the dive of a seagull
Aye off the top like a Beanie kick verses I ain't cathedral
Cherry 13's on me I'm walking up in the cages
I'm looking for where the game is
But usually I'm on the block wit my n***as
Why do we do this
Neighbors hate when we hoopin
"Their in the street wit the rim out" but never call on the shooters
I shoot up to the candy store candidly see yo mami on xannys
In a bandana and jammys
I'm bout to bring you to the block

Won't you take a ride
With me With me

[Verse 2]
Wake up in the morining
To messages from a woman
I probably feel asleep on her
But literally what's I wanted
Since I couldn't get it I get up get in a get up
And get a bowl a of cereal cinnamon toast I want it
Sit up on abandon whip and politic with 5 or 6
Nah we ain't like Pac and Radameez my dawgs I'm riding with
Anonymous I leave em
Take em to days when slanging
Know all our uncles was gangsters
1:30 you know the sun it be beaming
I said "I seen em"
Know my n***a be movin
He don't know where his weed is
He still couldn't even believe this
Ain't sell no skunky
[Lyrics from: https:/**ius-tae/new-beginnings/to-the-block.html]
But dill weed cause he's a dummy
Surprise the copper ain't notice
Or knock his head off his shoulders
Copped attitudes with the coppers accomplished nothing but no what
Ima bicker wit law till this sh** is solved
Pull out the rim we gon buss a V bout to murder you all
Dre help hoop in the alley driveways ain't sh** to a boss
No longer light it's the night yea your right the sh** soon would fall
Mosquito bites up the right of my leg I'm scratchin em all
We know sh** ain't always right got the knife attached to our draws
Ain't type for lacking at all
Though I lack a strap I can call
Seen a car creep the side of the block then it would park
Sat in that sh** for some hours with a girl yea we used to talk
She say that "Ca**ius I miss you this no intention to get you
All caught up sh** I call out I just think you should call"
Get back to my n***as they cracking jokes how they do
I stand outside with guy for the night'n sh** then we move
I stepped in the house still all charged up
Put my phone on the charger
We probably do sh** tomorrow
Just know that I'm bout to bring you to the block

(Beat Changes)

[Verse 3]
Okay lowkey though
It's going down like a ski slope
I'm into things derogatory like the term for Guido
I'm like a C-Note
The way I'm moving so lowkey though
She call me Ca**ius no wonder why she want to bob her weave though
I slide up on the block I'm probably bout to go and see though
If she's about what she was talking bout its probably 3 though
I get to typing in her number 7-7-3 though
That is the Chi area code I'm tryna see if she a freak though
As I get up on the block I'm

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