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Ca**ius Tae - Rich Dad, Poor Dad lyrics

No pop!
I will not believe this sh** no more!!
I will not believe this sh** no..

How my popa turn into a f**in opp
How my popa turn his back to turn a f**in bottle top
Left me in the window standin lonely at my mama house
I was just a shorty sh** I understand the problem now
Problem child
10 A.M. you tend to tend to bottles now
Took ya keys I took ya wallet to drunk to be driven now
Lord you hear me screaming hear me callin sayin bond em out
There's demons inside'em need a cycle exercise em out
Find em now
And you supposed to be the one that I'm lovin
On 1ne Love tho you my love one we distant just as cousin
Oh no!
Pop I never seen ya so low..
Probably till you left me solo..
Though your body here your so gone..
Sad I had to see ya soul go..
Decisions I don't know
To do so I told bro
He told me to play cool
I told em I'm so cold
Let's take em to nights when you'd fight Bacardi
This night in particular happen right after that fight party
See ya visions blurred and ya shake
When ya reach for cups and incase
You got drunk you would thought you brought an adult but you ain't
I tell ya to stand up but you can't
I tell ya to walk it ain't straight
So toss me the keys you threw them b**hes I'm 8
Years minus 16..what that mean that I'm 8
n***a I ain't got no Ls, you tell me drive anyway
I Put it in drive and I brake
Ain't even get off the block we switch spots like wow is it fate?
So many lives that we risking plus yours n mine that we take
Aye keep in mind you know Jay was in the back eatin snacks ans you started driving away
You almost drove off a bridge and swerved a mile by the way
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And as we head towards a house I get loud and say
Oh no..


[Verse 2]
How my popa turn into a f**in opp
How my popa turn his back to turn a f**in bottle top
Picture me..
Rollin in the deep ain't a PC b**h I'm Adele in this b**h
Though I wish you well know I'm finna blow like a whale in this b**h
Cause you slow as snail in this b**h
Don't need the a** of a donkey to write a story know I'm bout to pen (pin) a tale in this b**h
Aye think about it..
Why you think I don't call or come over
Aye truth is no needed of nooses to know that I over hung
And I said that the way that I did just to prove that you a** backwards
Yo a** asthmatic!
Smokin cancer sticks
Blacken my heart you blackened your lungs
You was the man and sh**
At least what thought abandoned your son
I Couldn't stand sh** now I'm Walker impressive with puns
And now all I'm left with is non
No know all I'm left is a drunk
Aye yo b**h know this ain't no bench press on this chest this stress a ton!
And I promise I'll lift it off
Ridin down the south side I'm thinkin of sh** you taught
Wanna know all your lessons pleasant well let's just start
1st of all ya taught me to go turn my back
You know second's rely no one I still got problems with that
And you know the list could go on a problem in fact
Is that nothing should even be on it and trust me we both know that
But oh no..

I say would you believe
Would you believe
That I don't even cry about no more
I'm so numb to the pain sh**s so gone (2x's)


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