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Ca**ius Tae - Can I Live lyrics


Now how I get part of a life
That's part dark but part of it's light
Part of me like "Pardon my flows"
Pardon my life
Pardon my past
But part of me is probably in half
That's no excuse like pardon but a partition probably take my body up and mark it
Like a market on staff
I'm on my way to this party like..
I'm in the search for some party lights..
I'm on the search for the party type
And the naughty type
No she not a wife
Probably dance with her if her body right
Spent change to walk up in a party
But the party scene changed when I seen a gang walk up in a party
Knowing me
I can give a sh** hardly
n***as still tripping I just want the glory
Life is like a test that was picked for me
So I picket like a fence and in a instant hit the gate n***a!
Ironic her name was just Totianna
Or locally known as a Thotianna
Approached her cause her persona
Dasani it's like sauna
I need it hit up to Nicky's on Sibley next to McDonalds

Na I hold up
Aye Can I Live n***a
Or will they crucify me for the sh** I did n***a
Aye Hold up..
Aye Can I..
Or will they let me live just too long..

I mean these..verses is cla**ic don't mean to murder yal
Just inspired by n***as that beat a murder charge
It's amazing what n***as can get away with
This life is a game but ain't sh** to play with
Know crazy n***as that know to play with nickle plateds
Just me and Cam trading stories man this sh** is basic
I'm from the Chi and he was from the D
[Lyrics from: https:/**ius-tae/new-beginnings/can-i-live.html]
I guess that's why the n***a rolled with me..
Lets move along go along with the situation that's at hand waiting
For a change but you can't change it
I was pacing in the basement watching sound waves
While the crime wave was amazing
As a tidal wave about to f**in take away an Asian
Can I Live past a generation?
Pastor told me if I preach the word of good then I can pa** through any gate in heaven
But rather profit like a proverb in this great depression
Lets change the message
An A for effort, scratch Totianna off my checklist
This life is hard but she relieves some pressures
Aye Can I Live past a generation or is it destined
That living in a moments more precocious with more questions


I wrote this record on my d**h bed
From the repercussion of a d**h threat
This the start of life that's what the text said
(You getting grown now..)
I wrote this record on my..
(You got a lot to live and all that..
But I just hope you to do know one thing..
One thing..
That you choose to live it wisely..)
But if not..
(Can I Live)
Then I'll see you in the stars and the heavens
But if not if not hey
(Can I Live?)
I'll see you in the starts and the heavens
(Can I Live)


Can I Live (8x's)
[While Ca**ius Sings]
I wrote this record on my d**h bed
From the repercussions of a d**h threat
This the start of life that's what the text said..
I wrote this record on my..

[Gun Shots]

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