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Ca**ius Tae - What is Love lyrics

What is Love [4x's]

[Verse 1]
Woke up this morning to something something ain't right
Cause the want inside of my tummy is light
I check my phone it's my homie now he's a goner I wanna know what is life
What do I?
What do I do I cry?
Do I tweet for sympathy? Don't sympathize I'm not that guy
That you think that need that sh** that sh** that you give look I despise
How you claimed that you had just known em and loved em
Look that's my blood and my cousin
If they don't love em then f** em the blood I bleed
Is from this agony turn to Ca**ius attackin sheets
Punch bed and I punched the wall punched it all look a casualty?
It couldn't be was just with em the past 2 weeks
We would pop up up on the block and then bounce out like trampolines
Lord..aye can it be is you testing the man in me
What is life..
What is love
What is right
What am I fighting for if what I'm fighting for's to do die what do I..

Do with you right now
(What is love)
Cause I don't really know right now..
(What is love)
And I am here alone
I am fighting alone
Crying here all alone
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Trying here all alone

[Verse 2]
Woke up this morning to something something ain't right
Cause the want inside of my tummys light
I check my phone it's my homie, cousin I'm buggin is this the reason why right now my phone buzzin
So I
Hit up the guys and I go to see if it is right
I'm waiting for clarification one text back that it was Wright
I'm tripping off in the mind was just with em the other night
And my homie, my big brother I go to see if he alright
Knowin well
He seen a lot so my n***a ain't coping well
I text em like "is it true" he text back like "yea lol"
Know it's hard as sh** this the hardest ship bro'nem probably had sailed
Remind me of when big bro lost his brother I probably had fell
Cause I knew he ain't raising love cause this n***a raising all hell
And trust both my big bros the same probably tote a strap roast a L
Me'and dude shorty cool
Though we'ain't talk in a few
Can't think'a Bout it right now gotta get in tune with my dude
He thinking like
"Oh lord no lord oh why
Ima put a n***a in a pine box
And I be like
"No boa no boa just stop
I don't want to see another mom cry"
And he be like no boy no boy just stop
Ima put a n***a in a pine box
"And I be like no boy, no boy just stop
I done seen the same sh** on my block.."

[Fades out with Ca**ius talking]

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