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Ca**ius Tae - Maybe Maybe lyrics

[Ye Bandz]
Ha Ha
Man this Ye Bandz in this b**h man
I got my n***a Ca**ius Tae in this b**h man (Uh-hun)
His a** finna go crazy man we up next man
Lets Get it
Lets Get it
Ha Ha
Yal a** acting a fool in here man
Man you know how we rocking man
Squad up next man
Ca**ius bro, we done came a long way man
It's time for you to k** these n***as though man
Summer time sh** man, this our sh**
You know how we rocking man
Yea lets get it my n***a

[Verse One]
Low Pros, to the 4 doors, to the close rodes
Know my n***as gon' ride
Looking for the po' po's, ain't a slow poke f** a JoJo
Know my n***as on time
Clan with me!
Often they get lost in the sauce off the exhaust get aloft and get off in a van
Cause often a man
Get pressed like a button down shirt till it f** around hurt and a n***a took all that he can
n***a feeling more than a man
Finna morph from a dwarf to a Horace need all of the Grants
Aye sport if you sporting a horse that don't mean you ain't pork you a pig need all of the bands
Hold up, you would call on your mans?
Call law on your mans?
Cause they got a hit out, like a ball to the stands?

[Ye bandz]

Free the young boy locked down in the slammer
Got out once got back in a jammer
That sh** fu, Chi-town grammar
No that sh** New, that Hot-lanta
For the record like a needle
I was riding in a Regal
With my Dogs like a beagal
Out to the K aye in a 88' with Tay Tay
With the tre eight had to be safe had Jay had pole had Pelé
Goals n***a!
n***as left a crack in the door
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Now im packing the gat gimmie that I'm taking those n***a
Shame that the games so plain
But I'm finna hijack like the Joker on dope n***a
Ye, got Twist, Do or Die don't lie don't tweak
Got Chance, got Vic, got Dreez, got Tink, got Louie, got Durk
And now you got ME! ME! ME!
Introducing Mr. Sick as Lupus
b**hes get to hooting like 60 roosters
When I swoop the troop and whip like 60 kuntas
Black on black b**h I'm Prince Zamunda
Black on black b**h I'm kin to Kunta
Not Kinte Kunta like Kinte Kunta
But kin to Kunta like that's the fam
"Brodie we need it!"
That's what the people be saying they speaking, they talking
I'm walking I order my Remus
Tell them go right on the sauces, they got on that line and I crossed it
I forward my greeting
Showed them that 40 be beaming
I spread it like 40 diseases
Meta-phorically speaking, I'm talking bout' raps cause I rap like Saran

Maybe Maybe
Yal been kind of lazy
Yal flows ain't been priceless word to Breitling's time's a wasting (Hold up)
Maybe Maybe
Yal been kind of lazy
That's exactly how I like it cause the game is mine for taking!
(Hold up)
Maybe Maybe
Yal been kinda lazy
Yal flow ain't that priceless word to Breitling's time's a wasting (Hold up)
Maybe Maybe
Yal been kind of lazy
That's exactly how I like it cause the game is mine for taking!

This some sh** for the summer, this some sh** for the stars
I just write it and rap it, this some sh** for my dawgs
We just riding in traffic, this some sh** sh** for the squad
Yal think n***as be rappin'? Wait till yal hear this Lawd

Hook Fades Out..

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