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Ca**ino - The Levee lyrics

Leroy Crow blew overboard, far away from American buoys
Into alligators and two by fours...and it made a splash that I will always remember
The hills collapse into the floor...scared of the skies as it rattles the doors
They left in horror, and with the lord
And made a wake that I will always remember
Many have melted here...
Into a mound of years...
Floating on a loan...
Where the wind won't blow
[Lyrics from: https:/**ino/kingprince/the-levee.html]
And if you've come to blossom here
In the boiling air...
I'll tell you that levee's breaking here
Who could know that the kings own home
Was built to float on American bones?
The wood is rotten but the shade is strong...
Leroy Crow is scattered and soaked
The water turns to lead as it crosses the coast...
Filling his pockets, invading his throat...
He sang a song that I will always remember

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