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Ca**ino - Maddie Bloom lyrics

Maddie?s always moving. She?s flying down the aisles
Got both hands in her pockets, trying to keep the balance mild
Her motions like a movie, slicing constant air?
The wires are electrifying her phosphorescent hair
I have seen the hunger, soaking through your shirt
Sunken eyes found alive but smashed under the dirt
So lord give her one more set of hands...
For those dulling rings that I can barely stand
I hope when I leave, she leaves them buried here
And they don?t grow into the air
[Lyrics from: https:/**ino/kingprince/maddie-bloom.html]
Sing of soaking through me, on a kitchen chair
Sing of all the savage tiny bites that blossomed tears
The gla** is always glowing, there?s vacancy out there
But don?t you ride out very far; you?ll end up everywhere...
So slow?
Speed erodes?
The weight of bother on your body will fall down like snow
Lord take this telephone in hand
It?s lost the ring that I once couldn?t stand
I hope when I leave, I leave it buried here...
And it doesn?t grow into the air?

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