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Ca**ino - Kingprince lyrics

The marionette made its marks, dragging on the pavement
The dogs of sleep and sick were tangled in the strings that keep the leverage
Come on, come with light...Illuminate and drive...
I need to leave what followed me
When I washed in from the sea...
That's taken so many of our lives
With its awful waves
This Chevrolet is done. It's sunk into the ground
Chromes become my dining couch
The ornament on a broken house
And the weathers com alive
And it's leaking inside...
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Knocked the breakers paralyzed
And turned my savings on its side
Its taken many of our lives...
With its wild ways
...So my mother says...
Heaven found on my way out...
...I took a walk one way...
And with a spark, all the lights in the city started racing
Out interstates and up the up the buildings, through the walls
And turn so filthy
And it lights this room that we pay with our lives...Everyday...
To The toll booth of the birds of prey...

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