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Ca**ino - Amelia lyrics

Don't pa** through this ragged room
The cold old floor just creeks, and croons
And aches as mistakes stampede underneath
The video screens have learned to see...
Its blue eyes blind...spreading disease with
Vitamins from plastic tangerines
Maybe I'm tumbling...
Maybe I role with energy...
That I don't have but need to eat
We don't swim...we dive for what we need
This holy place I've come to clean
[Lyrics from: https:/**ino/kingprince/amelia.html]
You can stare...or wash with me...
It's covered with pretty graffiti
I scraped the faded paint you wear
And found the walls you washed with care
For the animals that wandered out in the street
Maybe I just don't keep...
Maybe they hold you with their teeth
But I know why you feed the weak...
The hunger is permanently me
Amelia, Amelia...make your mark on mine
And we'll see what image...forms when they collide
...And Amelia sank to me...

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