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Ca**ie Steele - Games lyrics

How does it feel to lose at your own game?
How does it feel to know that you've been played?
Now when you see me I'm your everything
Now at your need me I've got alibi

I don't play games if I want you
I just take things when I want to
What I like, when I like, if I want
Who I like, how I like, when I want
[Lyrics from: https:/**ie-steele/patterns/games.html]
You never thought that I could get control
I should've warned you I've done this before
If I wanted that I could get it right now
Put you on your knees, take what I give out
Make you do things you would never do
Just because I can, I thought that you knew

(Chorus 2x)
Who I like, how I like, when I want /4x

(Chorus 2x)

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