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Ca**ie Steele - Chains lyrics

I don't want to stay
But you'll make me anyway
I guess I'll just have to wait
Wait 'till it's all ok

Living with the guilt
That I should owe you still
But promises can k**
And I promise you this will
Barely holding on,
don't know how I've for so long
When everything feels wrong
and everything that's right's gone

(Chorus 2x:)
Keep my heart wrapped in chains
I don't need it anyway
[Lyrics from: https:/**ie-steele/patterns/chains.html]
I'm just gonna need a name
Anything left you can take

I wish I could leave
And take my heart with me
But you won't let it go
So I'll let it go

If everybody knew
the things I know of you
Why I'm staying if it's true,
oh I must be a fool
Taking pieces of my soul,
I don't really need it whole
Just enough to know
that I've got enough to go


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