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C-Mob - Back In Time lyrics

[Intro: C-Mob]
Damn, miss the old days
Back when we was young, life seemed so simple then
Know what I'm sayin, me and my guys would be out there gettin into shit
Everybody was cool, livin life like we had nothing to lose
Shit... If things didn't change now, if they didn't change

[Verse 1: C-Mob]
Eveyrday it's the same things, no time to chill
I gotta go work and get on the grind
I gotta go hustle to pay the bills
And I feel, like I could lose it any day
What I would give to escape, all of this madness and just get away
Where everything was all the while good, my attitude could be care free, just like durin my childhood
But now I'm [?] and I gotta stay on my toes, I gotta stay clear of the fakers, and stay away from these chaotic ho's
So everyday now I just maintain
The strain on my brain is the main thang causing my pain
In the game cause ain't a thang change
And if it's changing then it's for the worst
Relationships are all get severed and nothing gets better
And we're all cursed
I don't have an optimistic mind state
Because my anger inside just keeps on rising just like the crime rate
We went from water guns, to packing nine's
And all we have now is memories of how life was back in time

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[Hook: C-Mob]
Sometimes I wish I could go back in time
To when everything seemed easy and life was just a simple grind
Felt so much pain I've shed my last tears
Sometimes i sit by myself and reminisce over past years

[Verse 2: C-Mob]
Back in the day, friends were real, and everybody acted cool
We used to get in all types of shit when we would go mobbing right after school, at the, ?fool?
And beat a hater to the soil, and none of my guys were snitchin because they were true and loyal
But nowadays friends are the first ones that a be stabbin you in the back
As a teenager be smokin blacks, but now they grown and smokin crack
Whats the deal, I never thought I'd be seein my guy, broke as hell, still livin with his momma, but he's happy if he's high
Don't know, why, that everything is the way it is, sometimes i wish that it would just go back to the way that it was, when we were kids, but I know that it won't because they've changed cause
They're unrealistic, I've dismissed these bitches who've twisted the game up
And I have names i could be calling out, but you know who you are because we simply we have all been fallin out
Wish I could stop this shit from happenin, but I know that me and my guys will never be how we used to be, back then

[Hook: C-Mob] (x2)

[Verse 3: C-Mob]
Everything happens for a reason, I know that god has a plan, friends from back in the day, be passin away, and I don;t understand, why did my Grandpa die? God you could've told the cancer to go, and why did Stephan have to answer the door, now tell me can I get an answer for those? and what about Ghost, he used to be spittin' them bars, tell me why did he have to get in that car?
Young kids hungry for money, and we were ready for work, but the time some of us were in our twenties, we were dead in the dirt, and I remember back in the day when me and T would sit on the porch, I'm smokin a black, and he smokin a blunt and we went to the store just to get us a torch and a pack of new ?warts? of course
Was the source of multiple shorts, cause wasn't no thing to be givin to another man who threw up his forks, now the courts, got my guy, they don't want to let him up outta jail, used to kick it like everyday, now all I can do is send him mail, and it's, hell, to many of my loved ones passin away, I guess it will never be how it used to be back in the day

[Hook: C-Mob] (x2)

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