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I've been mackin' hoes for years
Labeled a male animal
They're rules to this shit
I wrote you a manual
A step by step booklet for you to get
Ya' hoes in check, plus ya' dick mad wet
Rule Numero Uno, neva' let them hoes know
How much cake you make, cuz they'll be out to take-
Every cent they can get they be gettin' pregnant
Have you paying child support and rent
#2, Neva' give them hoes a clue
Don't you know hoodrats move in silence and violence
Take if from your Highness
I done caught mad hoes creepin' outside my front door
3, never trust a H-O-E-
Ya' boys will hit that trick up if she straight liq'ed up
She'll hook they dicks up -huh- For that quick cash
She'll take it on the lips, stomach, tits and ass
#4, I know you heard this before
To get out of a lie break out ya' fake cry
#5, never let them fight where you sleep at night
I don't care if they wanna talk make 'em walk
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#6 don't speak about rings and shit
Soon as that fall out ya' mouth her wedding dress picked out
#7, this rule is mad underrated
Keep ya hoes and your bank-roll completely seperated
Money and hoes don't mix like Ellen DeGeneres and a dick, them shits don't fit
#8, always pick them hoes up late
Less time to wine and dine if you neva' on time
#9 should've been #1 to me
If you out with ya girl be careful where you creep
If bitches catch you slippin' they ain't tryin' to listen
On your car they'll be sittin', waitin'to start bitchin
#10, a big word called discretion, comin' from C-LO, Learn ya lesson
Cause hoes that you pick got to be on your team
At the same time keep they ass unseen
Follow my rules you'lll have mad hoes to choose from
If not, pick all your hoes watch you lose em
Cuz C-Lo caught you snoozin'
Got you cryin' like a bitch mad weight you losin'
Now you know, you didn't know what you was doin'
Got em answering your phone and yo' car they usin'
Up until this point nigga you was losin'
Now you got my Commandments nigga use 'em
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