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C-Leezy - With Eyes Wide lyrics


She think Im tricky but really Im just a plain guy
I see nothing but trouble in my life, I see nothing but trouble in my life..

[Verse 1]

Ashes to ashes, dusk to dusk
Another man down my dude I grew up with
In my life I trust two, Me and my mother
Look for change, ducking rain
Switching lanes, its all the same
Taking names, Im the train, ride the track,f** Im saying?
This true life, true story, true words from a true man
I Do think my mommas worried, the life I live she can't understand
Light a J after long days
2 am up in NJ's
Keep up gotta keep up
And ball harder than D Wade
I see some, made n***as
They never smile like plain picture
6th grade I used to paint pictures
Watch my words as they paint pictures
Hang it up so it could stay with you
I play the field but I play pitcher
Batter up better pay attention
3rd strike, 8th inning
Im the 8th wonder with a lot of thunder
Underneath you can't teach a teacher
Underneath you can't seize the caesar
Salad flows that I been tossed
I could've swore that that last night that I seen you, I said it all
You dead wrong, dead to me
Left and right I could tear p**y
Left to right I read notes to me
That you wrote me, when you told me you loved me, sike
Everything gone be, and right now its alright
One bottle with the homies then we ride out for the night
Now thats a hell of a night
Dudes thinking they hype man they ain't puttin up no fight
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Fire lit in my mind, as Im writing at the same time
Thats that flame I'm spittin online
You could follow me in the sky
From a soundcloud thats mine
Never taking no rhymes
Never wasting no time
Tic toc from that big then I shine, I Blind (x2)


With Eyes Wide
My Eyes Wide
I See Nothing But Trouble in my Life (x5)


The Hook good, check
I look good but with this it takes heart, right from the start
So I could set myself apart from the other dudes
Other dudes terrible, stolen styles, Waka wild is so unacceptable
I reattribute the hella cool
Kendrick and bone thugs put me in a kinda mood
k**in sh** Im k**in sh**
Got you asking who is this?
C-Leezy since 16
See me drinking OE's
See hoes Im like Oh Please, Dont Be, stupid
I f**ed around and she f** around
And now she got two loose lips (ooh sh**)

I see my name talked around the city
Which means my girl thats here with me
Is iffy she think Im tricky
She asking me about her two friends that got with me at the same time
She say Im filthy but really Im just a plain guy, in my eyes...
I see nothing but trouble...I see nothing but trouble in my life...



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