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C-Leezy - Righteous lyrics


Wherever I go, Nobody goes...
Where will I end up, Nobody Knows...

I thought youd like the song I wrote it and composed it
I thought youd like the gold panda beat yeah I chose it
Buh my question to you is the focus
Why you running round my city exposing
With yah clothes, and how your skin showing
Short black dress 2 sizes smaller than your fit
Then you wonder why yah mans like sh**
Cuz you attracting all the standard douches
This is-rawzilla music
Bump it on yah iphone
Turn it to a ringtone
And when you start to sing along
Thats when i f**ing know that my sh** is not boring
Yeh Im slurrin all my words like I had a few drinks
Lately ive been talking to my conscious and it thinks
I should pump on the breaks, im speeding on speed
Learn not to chase, mistakes ive once seen
When I die do not cremate
Im worth for them to see
Its not to late to touch on base
With friends I use to lean
On, muthaf** yall this my muthaf**in sleep song
So right before i dream on I listen to my freedom
Spark up my minds prime electrons
Alfani suite stay on
Business over humans
My humor isnt rude i just think you too blue
Bout to jump off like a suicide fool
Thinkin with my heart cuz my and dick and mind cool
Slowly realizing I dont need to state my alias
If they listen they gone recognize Im different like an alien
You dont won't beef pescatarian
I could show you the way like librarians
Lookin for the book of soul I know this world is cold
And everyday son you jus gettin older
Somewhere in a folder
In police headquarters
You could find my name and a charge that I do not deserve
b**h I never swerved thats my muthaf**in word
b**h I wasn't drunk I was high off the herb
b**h I got shot buh I didn't get hurt
I jus kept living life like I never lost my nerve
After all the sh** that happened man Im thinkin that im cursed
They battling for second cuz they know I got first
(they battling for second cuz they know I got it first)

Righteous Speech: [C-Leezy]

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And its Righteous, Righteous, righteous!
In time, you will recognize your own righteousness

We got kids man, shooting people with guns and sh**
Real violence
That hasn't been, taken care of

Then you got people like me
You could put anything on my name
Label me anything you want
But in the end...I will be, righteous

In my mind, in my soul, in my will
I will be...Righteous

Better prepare for the worst
In the burbs they stay eyeing
Like you ridin in the hearse
Maybe one day buh today Im jus thirsty
Never in my life have I every had mercy
On you low life no good loving persons
Please save the hate for another peewee herman

For now im jus learning bout the ways of a surgeon
Disect the beat stitch it up with my word play
Inject some flow to keep it clean from infection
Always roam the streets with stab of protection
Woman these days robb your a** with affection
Try to befriend then molest your perception
In it for the win so im stickin to progression
Cover up yah scars when the demons in presence
They could smell the fear, they could never hear
So I make sure that my music can depict a nightmare
Inflict some light years from my past I can't bare
Look at who's here, faster than a hare
Allergic to bunny ears
Cuz IDGAF bout the gossip that you swear
I give thumbs up like I never had a care
A heart on yah sleeve is what you people like to wear
I ain't hidding nothing I jus save it for my peers
Friends that was there since the start of my career
Or hobby, you got me
Tryna make this serious cuz im sick of you phonies
So if you dont know me, listen to my new sh**
And feel my life stories, told, im sold, gold, in my mac pro
That sh** got stolen, buh I jus keep workin
The more I make music, the more that I deserve it
The more I stay true to myself I build courage
Dont stray from the greats elaborate with the saints
Cuz sh** could get ugly like a gun on yah waist
Fam stick together even using cheap paste
Today I feel great, yesterday was ok
Tomorrow isn't promised but I promise Ima make it

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