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C-Leezy - The Zone (Sango Remix)(Rawzilla Remix) lyrics


So C-Lee.....So C-Lee



You got my nerves gone
When you swerve off, turn your phone off
And dont call back,sh**

Ill give yo a** about two weeks till you beggin back for my dick
Got that good good you can't get
From some other dude that dont give sh**s about you or yo feelings
Girl, Im what you missing
Im, christian no religion
Um, jeans tru religion
I, spoiled you last christmas
Empty stockins this year but its cool cuz I got some b**hes
Thinking new years new mission
Uh, new thoughts new positions
Im the boss in this building
Pull your apllication for business
Mrs. cuz you married
To me it mean that maybe you gone love em till the day he
Slip up get caught cheatin
Then I'll b there for the time being
Baby girl we jus human beings
Make mistakes we dont mean to make
Out of all the things that ive ever seen
You seem to me like a piece a cake
Do my thing and then maybe skate
If the p**y good then I'll prolly stay
If the p**y good then I could eat for days
If your attitude at a latitude where I dont need no parachute
Then turn over let me handle you
Tip me, gratitude
Kiss me, red lipstick
So they know who I'm tached too
So I know its real get a tattoo
Then that dude, and that dude gone recognize that I had you
This roller coaster move faster
Nothing ever gets pa**ed you
Stalking me and my tags with some old chicks that I smashed
Insecure bout yah a**
Insecure bout your cla**
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She need to be self secure with a confidence that dont ask
Im coming down, crash
Aterol, hash
Alcohol, extacy, and two lines threw my cash
Friends callin me cabs
I dont know how to act
Im too faded thats fact
Two ladies when I wake up, they prolly think that I'm famous
Nameless, shamless, in my bed butt naked
Asking me where they pay cut
Wtf was I thinkin
3 benjamin franklins got em comin over 3am
So I send a text now im waitin well alright

Now thats SO C-Lee...haha



Woah, all these broken hearts on that pole
Man if pole dancing's an art you know how many f**in' artists I know
Got some new bills in the mail
Got some big favours I owe
Got some good things ahead of me
When these bad b**hes let go
Well, girl let's go
Walk your broken heart through that door
Sit yo s**y a** on that couch
Wipe that lipstick off of your mouth
I take it slow
She in love with my crew
She said make enough so I can try some
I thought taking d** jus' ain't you (be you)
Yeah girl, just be you
And I do this sh** for my hometown
It been going down it ain't new
That's that north north, that up top
That OVO and that XO
Your girlfriend at our next show
But its all good, don't stress though
First night f**, never really planned it
Take a deep breath, no need to panic
Lips so French, a** so Spanish
You don't really like attention, I don't know if she gon manage out here
But she got me all up in my zone
Said she like the view I got in this place
sh** I did all of that on my own
Oh yea...

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