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C-Leezy - Suit & Tie (Zip Tied) lyrics

Cuz I be on my Suit & Tie, zip Tied Zipped
I-I Be on my suit & Tie, zip Tied Zipped

The freshest muthaf**a on the muthuf**in scene (C-Lee!)
Do you know what I mean?
Button down polo with the tru religion jeans
The flow is so mean, naw
The flow is routine, I
Been practicing ive been maxing while chillin
All them hollow dutches im fillin
21 years now no children
No seeds in no fiend
No rules and no team could stop me
I metamorph me into a lion in a science
You would think that my courage build ions
In the timing of crisis you would see that them liars be lying
On the floor flat lying im lying bout eying on the whole crime scene
Tryna keep my lies sound sorta like the truth, im slidin by trying to keep
Myself tyrant i will not be violent unless you want too, sh**, tell em come through

I leave you in your suit & Tie, zip tied up
In that bodybag no Suicide thats Murder-f**in-1

But besides all that....
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I got so much money in my pocket bout to blow this sh**!
All them haters notice it
In my mail are notices
As soon as I open it
They tell me bout my court and sh**
Lawyers, flyers, speedin tickets
Makes me want to never drive
Buh them hoes yeh they love my ride
Specially when the doors suicide
They like my style
Buh they love my drive
Pretty young thang in this world that mine
Train on my wrist buh i dont track time
Got you all thinkin where'd he get that line
Original me, no time to compete, a daily routine
Gotta know the recipe, that molly and weed
No need to recieve I gotcha
Everthings free if you my friend like partner
Gotta get it while its good never shook like pasta
Im christian no religion buh im feelin like rasta
Smoking all these j's to the face, f** that
Im do my thang and then start a new race
Only one C-Lee and you can not replace
Always in the lead in this race againsts saints
Always find me cheesin when I walk into the bank
And what you think im at the bank?
With a stack in my hand
What you think im at the bank for?
Im cashing out Hoe!

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