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VERSE: [C-Leezy] b**h Im a muthaf**in monster Up in the club peepin hoes I can sponsor Get em to greek Get em to the Rome f** that, all that sh** Im taking chick home b**h need a bone She fetch end zone Bean got me zoned Im a car on her curves, swerve Ima crash, after her, squirt Ima nasty mofo and Im bout that yolo Never smoked a doobie, never solo Never liked the dude, never h**o If you like this sh** then you should go and cop my promo After that bump my sh** in a ride thats convertible Servin all you hoes,and every verse is edible b**h Im bout my decimals Multiplying hella hoes And I when I get my deal YOu gone bet that ima ball Eager in my favor couldn't wait to tell my haters, “told yall” I, Go hard, at the top I dont think that I could fall Once a bird got wings theres no way that I Could fall off Ima call it With all my chips in I could bet the flow flawless Whatyoumahcallit, anything you want trick Im the sh**, buh they never flushed the toilet Im the fish in the sk**et thats boilin Or like a genie in a bottle and - (I got em All Wishing) Wishing they could mute me I'd rather and them shoot me Put the nine to my head, do please f** around get caught ohweee Peewee herman giving out sermons You crazy, worthless, b**h you dont deserve it I could pick your color and you looking like silver Cuz Im the first with the gold Im a k**er My only real competition, is the mirror, uh Made my own errors time to correct em b**h can't dance if I dont get erected Every beat I get on gettin disected Word play perfected Who the f** you testing Dropped outta school cuz my mind was too bright This is the era of the young iLL minds Learn from yah eyes buh the truth may lie Its not what it seems till you know the insides IDGAF about a life filled with lies Cuz when the day comes, the day you Die Your eyes stay, and gaze open wide You gotta grind and be wise to survive In this Life with a Mic, I don't write I got them thinking who the f** is this guy? C-Leezy, this sh** is so easy And All I ever did, was be me, feel me [RAWZILLA MUSIC]

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