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C-Leezy - Setting Fire lyrics


Page 1, Chapter 1, Verse 1...


Would you believe that ive never seen a dentist
Would you believe that when I smile I wish I ment it
Dimples on my face I call em scars b**hes left me
Never good at school so I fail if you test me
Middle school days wer the best days
Thats where I learned to get laid and lately
Ex's stay textin summertime realtions
Hope these feelings real cuz I hate my time wasted
Make me, baby, make me feel amazing
Goosbumps around yah thighs like that p**y been waiting
You heard my "chasing"
You heard that song "crazy"
Knarles barkley wasn't kiddin man these b**hes really cray
Day to day basis, a good boy strays
Day to day blazing up that purple mary jane
f**-f** my probation this life brings stress
And Ive never been good at gettin feelings off my chest
And now im high
No parachute vest
Can't describe, this funny feeling in my head
If I die.. burry me with fresh threads
And dont lie when they ask you why Im dead
Tell em how leezy had problems so he ran from the feds
Hit a dead end and started gunnin striaght for the feds heads
Im setting fire to every single loose end
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Dont pretend we best friends, cuz I never had a friend


Calm them boys down before we end the fight
We dont want no trouble jus party tonight
Stupid descisions you better decide
If you coming with fire
We coming with ice


I only know about 4-5 real n***as (thats it)
I only know about 1 real chick (Momma)
I only know about 1 god and his son and it s**s Cuz I can't see them
Do you believe it yeh, yeh
Do you believe it, yeh
A high power that you never ever seen
Put your whole f**ing hope into a being and feel it
And thats the feeling of a spirit
Close your eyes wit me and pray I make it past 50
Im on 95 trippin bout to hit a buck-50
Runnin, racing, chasing, dreams
Would you, like to, come with, me
Buckle up baby cuz this ride a lil bumpy
Pops taught me one thing and its funny he said
"Never trust a man that say Trust me, Trust me"


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