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C-Leezy - O.G. Bobby Johnson (Rawzilla Remix) lyrics


Man I haven't done this in so long
I still got it though don't ever doubt a nigga
Man this drink that I'm sipping on is so strong
And the girl that's with me is about to get the business believe it
My dream job in life I achieved it
So the only thing to do is work, party, repeat it
Sometimes I have regrets but can't change the past
So idk why I'm stressing when I think of her ass

[VERSE 2] [C-Leezy]

Im the truth, you a lie with yo lying ass
Chick fine like wine with her fine ass
Get mouth when a nigga touchdown
Everytime we fuck she ain't never laying down
Soundproof In the booth but the weed still loud
My sound proof that the kid profound
Im the truth, but its not whats coming out yah mouth
Bitch Im coming for your mouth when Im swinging lil buddy
Im a bad muthafucka so I ain't done sinning
Say she kiddin but I know the bitch mean it
Say she didn't but I know the bitch cheated
Its all good tho hoes like hyenas
And the money coming in like cheetah
She throw it at me and I hit it like jeeter
Then repeat
Then repeat
Bitch you know I 3 peat it
No period but the bitch still bleedin

[VERSE 3][T-Money]

Chocolate man in this MF
Yea I fucked like 4 mothers
Gave her D so many times she'd fail if I'm the teacher
But I give her extra credit if she do it with no rubber
Ima freak!
Favorite number 3 so she bringing her friend
Before we start to fuck you know I'm taking shots of the henn
I bust in her ass and she ask if we can do it again
Just bought a new time piece
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Probably cost the same price as your fucking lease
And you already know I let the visa speak
Don't try to hold my wallet if you fucking weak
Don't bring your girl around me if you tryna keep
Working 2 days a week is so fucking sweet
Last year I took more vacations then you can dream
Jealous niggas stay wishin they were on my team

[VERSE 4][C-Leezy]

I see you eyeing with yo hatin ass fuck it
Imagine if I ever gave a fuck about a husband
Imagine if I ever gave a fuck about a boyfriend
You a hoe don't front bring yo hoe friend
I do it bigger than you ever done nigga bitch I'm one up Killa
You scary like thriller Michael Jackson don't feel you
Tell my rawzilla niggas ooh kill em
And I bet the boys get em
I'm talking Outside in the parking lot
I see you y'all really ain't bout it you jus talk a lot
I'm the leader in 6 speed drivers spot always with a lot of broads
Catch me at the exit of the club Still turnin up
Wild then a MF!
You it's real when I'm high then a MF
I'm not a drinker take shots in this MF
Liver than a MF
Bad influence ask T-Money that's blood brother

[VERSE 5][T-Money]

Wild than a MF
Flash the badge at the door pay no cover
Shots from the bartender straight out the bottle
Put the chocolate in her mouth bet she gonna swallow that
When I hit it from the back like a real nigga
Ballin everyday while you lame niggas double dribble
I'm the epicenter
Money coming fast and you better watch ya back if I catch you standing in the middle
T Money, C lee that's Rawzilla
Track like armadillo
All my niggas with me in the club like 5 figures
All these women fall in love no love for them
If ya man step to me better pray for him

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