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C-Leezy - Grind (Ft. Sean Toner) lyrics


VERSE 1: C-Leezy

Gotta sacrifice the hoes
Sacrifice some clothes
Cuz my new gucci loafers cost the same as my car note
Sacrafice whatever man I'm tryna cop the condo
25th floor out in Miami man Im so close
I'm so so nowadays, I be grindin everyday
Keep my heart pumpin even though that sh** hurt
Cuz I been f**ing with some woman that I swear are the coldest
Leave you in rain while its thundering by the ocean
I may not be the sharpest but f** it I'm still focused
On the dream, when I wake in the morning, no snoozing
This life is what you make my n***a you gotta choose it
Use it, or lose it, stick to the rubric
Produce it, abuse it, true to the music (yeah)
I feel like talking my sh**
Come to my party acting friendly you could s** my dick
But oh
Just call me low key leezy
Always got a smile on everytime you see me
And Im Just moving forward like the tivo on the TV
And I ain't got no time for lost people and fake feelings foreal
I did my time while I was caking big mistake its all good foreal
Im kinda odd in the making but I'm chasing making dreams to real


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They didn't think I could, they didn't think I could, hey
They didn't think that I could, they didn't think I could, hey

Do you ever feel alone, like your the only one grindin
Knew I couldn't be alone, cuz they say no man's an island
Do you ever feel alone, like your the only one grindin
Knew I couldn't be alone, cuz they say no man is an island, ya know

VERSE 2: Sean Toner

Do you ever feel alone.... I guess I can't be talking man they know I'm never home
Oh, nevermind the sh** I been through, man your lifes a party, no not the dayglows
I'm worried I'll put the work in
Then show up at the restaurant and they'll say I got no reservation
After all the dedication where am I to go?
So I bring birth with my soul, and k** it with the flow
Metaphors n' White Wine, stayed up late at night time
Just tryna make it more, thats why me n' Leezy gold
Cuz when it comes to doin work, we're like b**h leave me alone
I dont care if shes a ten, I gotta do my sh**
I don't care if she's bringin friends, I gotta do this sh**, and Ima do this sh**
Sacrificed it all to rhyme, they should know that there's no stopping me
Less they got a nine to pop in my mind
When Im up writin for hours man I jot it past the line
Im'a be Pac past my prime, put my time on the bottomline to push it past the sky, Aah, Aah!


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