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C-Leezy - Go Home With You (Feels Original) lyrics

Ive been thinkin
I was thinkin
Maybe for tonight we can act with no thinkin
Yeh im talking bout us missin, we could leave the club now
Back to yah place where you know its goin down
I ain't tryna get around im jus tryna make you sound like
You ain't never had another n***a put it down like, this
And after 10 rounds you would only f** around with this n***a right here
Who that, christian, listen
I know youve heard it all before
But let me show you what you missing
Back bend positons
Hold you like submission while im deep up in that ocean
I got the potion, Im something like locomotion
From the kitchen to the stairs
Bathroom to the bed, now I got you in the air..
Life ain't fair, then you win a bear
Then you start thinkin bout the reasons why we're here
Girl drop the bullsh**, your playing with your hair
I know I got you nervous, cuz your bittin on your nails
I kno this ain't certain baby time could only tell
I didn't fall in love, I fell
I didn't feel my feelings buh I felt that
Feeling in my stomach is it the food that we ate
Or could it be the feeling of the love I can't escape
Tell me whats the meaning of the sh** im feeling lately
If you dont feel the same let me Know so you could save me
As of now its all crazy, Frio Leo
You f**ing with another dude trio
For a sec I thought trusted you, gee ho
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C-note after c-note just to get to see your face
C-note after c-note, just to get to feel your frame
The asylum where you should be, your body so cray
My mind has made about you
You love the attention,but you hate to play the fool
(So Let Me) Go Home With You...

Love the Attention, but you hate to play the fool(x5)

Oh, Did I forget to mention my intentions all that I got
Promise to be truthful. why lie?
Yeh I cross my heart and hope to die
Jus get in my love boat and we could sail to an island
Love it when we're wildin
Gotta keep you smiling
Mile after mile
Fire in my heart, someone please sound the sirens
Got me actin all childish
Goo-goo ga-ga
Baby you my boo who
Hee-hee ha-ha's

Only Good times
Never Bad times
If You stick with me forever you could be my ride or die

Only Good times
Never Bad times
If You stick with me forever you could be my ride or die

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