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C-Leezy - Fall lyrics


Everybody says there's humble when they wana talk too ya
But if you need to vent, then the conversations all you
I'm sorry lately that I haven't called you, cuz I've been busy
Whatchu been involved in, oh nothin at all
Stay humble or be swallowed by the jungle and fall..and fall...and fall

Damn girl you too young to be offa the market
Hands full might have to put the whole world in my pocket
Even terry from smoothie king knows, Im here to take everything whoa
And I ain't gotta try to make the ink pay
And I ain't gotta buy a bottle just to sink rage
We ain't the same, don't put a boy in the lion cage
I am death, I am rage, I am broke, and I am paid
Now they say fuck a bag if it ain't leather
And Ima fuck her if she ain't like heather
See they appreciate the benz but they depreciate
But they touch my plate n Ima fuckin eat their face!
Miami zombie, now who the fuck want it from me!
Aquarius with the flow its ironic to keep it from me
Fuck all your little shoutouts that's a waste of my breath
And I don't need a paycheck just a paper to step N' that's it
Ima farmer with his hoe up in this bitch
Gimme a nice beat to hit, n Ima throwup in this bitch, ugh
They're like S.toner how you gona fuck the beat and the game up with the same dick!?
I mean its only tuesday! That's why ima do it just to show you fuck watch say
You ever seen me, ever?, harder on a beat
If you haven't heard my shit you'd think its carter on the beat!, was sup!


VERSE 2 (C-Leezy)

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Do you for the pleasure, no you! dont feel no pressure too
Its like every time we fuck it get better, you better know I got the real love letters
And yah man jealous
With a text you lose breathe you fall for the fresh fella
You call and I dont pick up
Like whoahh you so stuck up
You know I been broad up
With wolves Im so heartless
The moon it got me howling all night to communicate
Im kickin everybody out just for you to stay
After party you and I you got alot to say
So whisper it my ear
You safe with me my dear
Im humble and I dont care
Whatever a hater hear
Im here to make you feel
That loving you dont fear
You covering your eyes scared
Even though its ment to be
You doubting my smile formal
Im counting the lightyears
How long its gone take me to find you not here
I find my love weird
Im tryna to keep you near
With envy all in the air
Know life it ain't never fair
Yet I try to make clear
Like Krystal I was prepared
Theres more in life to share
So Im packin up all my gear
Im making it so aware
That im confident like my stare
As Im sittin in my chair
Here thinkin bout the west coast
I heard that cali got the best hoes
Im on a plane like adios..

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