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C-Leezy - Beneficial Friend lyrics


Hey Ms. Delirious, Im bein serious
You tryna be my baby on the real you s** at it
What really good, pick up the phone girl
If you dont act right Im f**ing wit ya home girl
You so cold, living in this cold world
Thats why last man was like 4 years ago
Im f**ing up wasting my time sh**
You f**ing up leaving me, high and dry
When I just wanna get it wet like all the damn time
Slide by late night let me hit it from behind
Be my drive & thru baby after that its goodbye
No strings attached, broken guitar

Ayy do u really wanna be my baby
Or do you jus wanna f**, say it
Cuz im tired of being patient
Done with time wasted
Lets face we both naked everytime we see faces

Ayy do you really wanna be my boo
Or do you just wanna want me to f** you
Everytime you feel lonely
Saying that you love me
But you only really say it when anytime you feelin horny


Lets Get with it (Pause) Im sick with it
With my tongue I do sh** that you never ever seen
And thats probably why you want me in-between
But Im a king and everybody know a king needs his queen
And no doubt you a good girl with goals
I play dirty, anything goes
I worked late and I brought you back a rose
At 3'o clock in the morning, Where the f** you find that rose at?
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I even f**ing bought a bottle of that rozay
Smelling like Versace wanna know what that hoe say?!
"you late n***a, I dont wanna lay with you
Should've brought wine with you, I dont even like champaign."
Im like damn, Im bout to slap a b**h now
But if I Do I'll spend the night in that pen house
Instead I leave and now I'm headed to my friends house
Say he got like 4-5 blunts for us to burn down
And thats my cool down, for when Im stressed out
So much smoke up in lungs that my chest out
I say the best about a girl is up her sleeve
And second best is when I put her on her knees



Just get on it (Na) Lets get to it (Na!)
Speak two tongues but in spanish Im fluent
Im well influences by the coolest MC's
While you wack a** rappers rappin like chief kief
Im Doin me f**ing with C-Lee, Raw-Z
Hyper-Venta-lating Like im crying on the beat
With my versace flow, hoe
Im just a pisces and she's tryna find nemo (Versace) hoe
You only friendly when we f**in in the sheets hoe, hoe
She say that Im a Dawg but Im a Muthaf**in Beast tho, hoe
Thats right yeh Im bout to go beast mode
You vacay wer I live and
Wer I work they got some b**hes that be f**ing jus as friends
And when they askin for the rubber I dont really comprehend
Until Im scratchin in my slumber thats a dirty as b**h
But you can't tell when undercover drinkin doubles of the gin
I swear im k**in next summer you gone have to hold yah lids
Until your eyes start to run with tears of joy for my career yeh...

C-Lee , Hoe

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