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C-Leezy - All Me lyrics


God Damn it
Ive had it
Bad bitches bad habits
Watch them fuck around like some rabbits
So spontaneous with no planning
I been wildin out no cannon
Throwing titty parties for fam
Riskybeats nigga thats my man
Chocolate man thats my right hand
Gave you mofos megaman
Hate when bitches up in the club
Doin dirty dancing but she got a man
Take yo ass home
Ex bitch stay textin me im like leave me alone
Gotta go change my number fuck it went ahead and got a new phone
Since day one Ive been humble while you peasants watching that throne
Me I go out and I get it like its been waitin that long
Rawzilla so authentic rockin shit that UOENO hoe
This all me Solo
No help nigga thats Dolo. (fuck that)


I ain't never changed
I could never change
Only thing that change is the chain
I dont even know how many chicks I slayed
I forgot, its a lot
Fuck that nevermind who I pop
Nigga dont watch that cuz I..

Been fucked with all these
Shawtys still calling
Balling like spalding
Ballin foreal
Front door Im stalling
Cheddwin thats robin
Im batman and we robbed them
Rob them foreal

[Verse 2]

Got you changin locks in that muffucka
Shots in this muffucka all on me
Everytime the crew go out we show, RIP to the VIP
R-E-P-P-I-N thee 56ace that Dub-P-B
My PP get that pretty P
Fuck with me you know I got it
2-13 you know im ridin
Own that shit Im on that shit that got you seeing different shit
Fuck with me only If you bout it
Choppin bricks nigga no karate
Since a youngin I been trouble
Im double trouble all by myslef
Smoke green got good health
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Gimme space say my fashion statement
And on the scene I got a hater hatin
And behind the scenes I got yo baby waitin till you turn yo back
Then I leave with that
Dont leave yo girl round me
Skinny nigga never needed ID
Cuz on these streets they know C-Lee
Little money dont see me
Used too give fuck about a bitches word
Used too trust another mans word
Men Lie, Woman Lie
In this cold world, time to fuck the world
Bust a nut its baby girl
Lifes a bitch and I take the tour
Light the torch but dont pass it tho
Turn a fresh blunt into a cockroach


I cannot complain
I cannot complain
All the shit ive done I take the blame
I Dont know how all a sudden niggas change
Im the same
You a lie
Fuck that never mind bout a guy
I dont critisize I jus do it
Money and the fame fuck it all
Till the day I die ima ball
Had a couple young fellas that fell out the raw...

Uh, and now its jus me bitch
What you know about that car with no key shit
Cross the street when the light be red lit with the green lit
Can't see shit

Ain't nothin like that cali bud
Gotta get that cali bud
Put it in your lungs
And get high as fuck from that cali bud

Ain't nothin like that cali bud
Put it in your lungs
That cali bud
And get high as fuck from that cali bud


If you need some call my Cali bud
And get high as fuck from that cali bud
Ain't nothin like that cali bud
If you need some call my cali bud
And get high as fuck from that cali bud

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