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C-Leezy - Acid Rap Influenced lyrics

I tucked my chain in the rain
Walkin through the darkness I see shadows in the plain
A disciple to the game, tryna reframe
From the drugs and the fame, and the fakes and the lames
Hoping that this 20$ dollar bill would last me for 3 days
Been stressin alot lately dont mind the with 3 j's
Im, zoning
Inhale, the good shit
Exhale the bullshit
To me in the end ima always be the same
And unfortunately you ain't me
So stop with the hate, stop like a 4-way
Forgot to get to phone paid
They disconnect me in the middle of foreplay
No way, perfect timing, my luck these days
Ironically veronica know exactly where I stay
So when im pullin up shes already there jus waitin at my place
And at this pace ill probably never get a fuckin deal
For now im jus happy to get a fucking free meal
If a nigga steal, I say deal, and then I peal
If a nigga gotta kill i say chill, then I appeal
To the real as a weak individual
Sweatin from the chemical
Blood in my eyes
In life it takes pride and never stop trying
My momma keep crying
And I Jus keep on lying
Till the day that im lying
6 ft deep and im keep on being ruthless
And if the tooth fairy real then ima have to be toothless

Sometimes the truth dont rhyme
Sometimes the lies get millions of views
If I could choose one wish
Then I would choose to have two
If I could choose to be rich then I would choose to be
If i could choose any bitch then would choose this life
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And every bad bitch in it
Tell me how much sinning does it take to go under
Got my MIA fitted to the back I get sun burnt
Rays in my face
Burberry shades
I would say life is great buh instead its ok
C-lee dont worry, about a thing
Cuz every little thing is gonna be alright

For now I just fight
All my lifes insights
And with my conscious down to ride ima have to switch sides
I would never deprive someone to this life
Like a nigga in a cell doin time for social crimes
Im out here, chillin, headache to the cieling
Soul bleeding im spillin
When it rains then it pours
When the pain brings sore
You jus gotta keep yah head up
Under the umbrella
And finding Cinderella never felt so difficult
You could thank my last stab that resigned all reciprocals
And now I am the pivotal
Chief like a seminole
Keef in lungs got me stoned like an onyx
I never looked the drugs buh the cronic make me honest
Honestly im here rhyming a spaceship jus blowing comets up
On death row my flow cold killin beats like electronica
Veronica, do me wrong then its Stevie wonders harmonica
Sippin on gin and tonic ironic it made you vomit
Guess it took some gettin used to, a heartbreak to numb it
Honey, you could never find another nigga like me
Cuz Im the only dumb nigga that put up with all the cheating

I bob and weave all the schemin
For the disease I got theres no treatment
If you could see in my soul you'd find treason
And now I got 99 problems and 1 reason, Leezy...

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