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C-Leezy - 1am in Miami / M.O.A lyrics


Dom P gettin poured up
Valet the hoes show up
Short skirts that give no fucks
Unless your bucks gettin thrown up
It's vacay everyday
Spendin money like a bachelor
Classy woman drinkin cabernett
We dont fuck with no alize
Its saturday and we up in LIV
Gettin hella turnt like some light switches
I dimm it down when we at the house
Bad bitch she got a bad mouth
Good woman got alot to say
But its all the shit I dont brag about
They tell it for me like a puppet play
Text saying they running late
Better than, gettin a
Text saying that she late
I replay my dreams
Gotta make sacrafices for the team
Talking bout all the shit that mean something
Last time I saw you, you was mean muggin
Dont mean nun, Im C uh Lee uh
Pretty boy from palm beach island
Every chick that I meet got it
See us out on the scene got it
Muthafucka Im bout it im ill
I got one question for you haters would you like to pay my bills
Cuz that 2 cents be rackin up
Im actin up my head bigger
She bad AF her friend killa, they both down they bestfriends
They both drown with no life vest
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When I rock the boat it get cap sizeed
Caps size like lipsticks
Bleed the color of clown lips
Hollow cigs put kush in it
No one told it would come to me
I had to get it, Ima go getta
We ride through, all black, heavy stacks like gorillas
Young dope dealers, but we ambitious
Trade Amber Rose for all my bitches
For all my riches fuck Amber Rose


Im pullin up
Meet me in the lobby
19 and she got a scholarship
MIA we poppin shit
And these models they ain't ever go to college
No knowledge thats why every nigga got it
Im a the pilot bout to fly you to an island
You could walk around naked have them tan lines hiding, Thats Foreal


MOA why you playing with her
I break a girl heart for the stack
MOA get it anyway
Watch me spend it all on a tuesday

MOA what it mean to you
Addicted to the green I ain't talking weed
MOA Dirty and clean
And its Money over all thats over everything

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