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C - Lance - Crazy lyrics

[Intro: From Psycho]
We all go a little mad sometimes. He just...goes a little mad sometimes

[Verse 1]
Sick of gay, sick of gay, sick of gay habits
Now I ping-ping like I'm Ricochet Rabbit
Ain't nobody getting sick of me. I never skip a beat
Look at me. I turn a rapper into faggot frica**ee
On to being blonde and smelly. Thumbs up like Arthur Fonzarelli
I'm James Bond but got a hunkered belly
Hella grubby. Jump on stage, look like a Teletubby
Girls all in the front row, still all of the fellas love me
Because I'm underground. Love the f**ing underground
Wonderful the undertow. I love to make the thunder pound
Throwing bolts of lightning like the mighty Thor from Asgard
Rock like Nazareth. Jump on tracks and spaz hard
Last five years of my life was the bad part
Next ten years of my life, I'm making mad art
My priority is high priority
I'm hi-fi Sci-Fi; prizefight orally

People listen to me and say that's that sh**
Every verse is better than my last batch is
Never hear me do no half a** sh**
I'm a lab rat, fat cat. Mad's back, sh**!
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[Verse 2]
I'm not hard to figure out: you could read me like a leaflet
A hyperactive beatnik with psychiatric treatment
I don't care if it is forever or only briefly
Every rapper in the world is going to be beneath me
Trust me, you don't want to f** with me. I'm s**er-free
Stab you with your mother's cutlery. I'm not your cup of tea
Super Beast: a stupid geek and toy-collecting comic nerd
Sound alarms and dropping f**ing bombs with each atomic verse
I'm lawless, mother-f**er; I'm lawless
I'm flawless. On the rocks again like I'm a walrus
Do what seems impossible to some. I'm a honkey
I'll kick you in the mother-f**ing face like I'm a donkey
I'm bonkers. I'm wacko. I'm loopy. I'm zany
Say goodnight to the bad guy and 'f** you; pay me'
Explosive like a landmine. Hot like a sand dune
Strong like bamboo and clean like shampoo


(Crazy) Mother-f**er I am
(You're crazy) Mother-f**er I am
(You're crazy) Tell these ducks that I'm
(I like you, but you're crazy)

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