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C Gattz - Harmless Untruths lyrics

Nothing in this song is true

[Lion's Crib]
No lie man I am the truth
(No you're not)
Maybe not it depends who are you?
Its not the fiction compilation spittin' facts that contradictin'
Omniscient I'm a stupid human but I'm self-sufficient
God as my anchor
And if the human race blows up cus of the tankers
It'd be all good that's a message from the leader
And this research killin' preachers people and all the teachers
Man, I can't stand it. (Peace signs on my Tweeter)
They pull us all in like (like a) bird feeder
Nasty little creatures

[C Gattz]
I'm a man of the sciences
Our research fuel our country and all your home appliances
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I have faith in facts, read the bible its good fiction
I do it for control I'm not ‘bout that demolition
Wesley Sniping your beliefs down
Our research gives us clarity
And clarity brings happiness

[Lion's Crib]
And more peculiarity
You're stuck in a cycle
Your universe expanding
Until it cannot take more and there is no man standing


I don't know the truth in total
I learn from those who know all
And though he's not real modal
Spreading ‘round my faith and making it all global
My praises will be vocal; Happy life, devote mortals

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