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C Dot Castro - Are We There Yet lyrics

[Hook] (x2)
Are we there yet?
Started from the bottom, are we in the air yet?
Does the whole world care yet?
No we ain't there yet
But I promise we gon' be there in a minute

[Verse 1]
This is all I ever wanted, everything I ever thought about
Started from the bottom now I'm hearing I don't got a doubt
[?] that Ratt Pack boy that fakes shit, no it's not allowed
Give a fuck about a hater, I'm just tryna make my mama proud
How you like me now, bitch I'm blowing up
As a kid, did some stupid shit, now I'm growing up
It may seem I'm living my dreams, I ain't even close
Cause my perception of success differentiates from most
Don't give a fuck about that minor shit
Bitches rockin' designer shit
That respect as a rhymer shit
That's the shit that I'm tryna get
So I be all up in the lab
Gripping that pen and that pad
Spitting that shit that be getting 'em mad
Now live the life they wish they had
Get my homies out the hood
Always told 'em that I would
Have my mama living good (yeah)
Just like she should
Yeah these are the reasons I do that shit
So my people no longer have to go through that shit, what's up
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[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2]
Man I swear I've been through hell
Putting drugs upon a scale
Fiends hitting up my cell
Got subpoenas in the mail
Fuck around, I've been to jail
Ain't nobody pay the bail
In the clod, skin pale
Hungry as fuck getting frail
Been through it all I prevail now
Swear I've been through it all
I've come way too far for me to fail now
Someone getting involved
If it does not involve the money you can kindly get to walking
Cause if we ain't got no business, we ain't got no business talking
Lord, dear God, look at all the shit I overcame
It's been hard, but that the toll on the road to fame
Pretty soon the whole world 'bout to know the fuckin' name
Cause I spit it so you can feel it through a dose of novacane
Nova- yeah, that's the life of a true artist
Painting pictures of how a nigga made it through all this
Know I make it regardless, even when life's the hardest
Cause after all a star can't shine without the darkness

[Hook] (x2)

[?] that Ratt Pack boy that fakes shit
No it's not allowed

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