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C Dot Castro - World Wide lyrics

[Verse 1: C Dot Castro]
Yeah, now I'm a mother fucking monster
Maryland I got ya
Stay on that MD shit like I'm trying to be a doctor
I go worldwide with my flow though overseas I'm spending euros
Paparazzi snapping photos rattpack with me and we out this bitch
I remember when they told me I would not amount to shit
Now the amount that I'm counting in my bank account
Is amounting to a mountain flow like fountain
Now its somewhere that you never heard
And I ain't never stoppin and thats my word I'm talking
Out in the islands the shortys be whiling
The way up in canada they be demanding
The way that I damage the stage when I kill it
Don't even be speaking my language they feel it
From Paris to Germany you know they heard of me
Because I've been wording my verses to perfectly
The best shit I gotta be ain't no one as hot as me
Don't even try to be promise I'm bout to be

[Hook x2]
Worldwide, worldwide, Onstage looking right in your girls eye's
I'm talking worldwide, worldwide, I'm bout to take over the whole world

[Verse 2: C Dot Castro]
Now would you look at your boy mamma, I'm all grown up
I hit that stu when I lit that fuze I'm 'bout to be all blown up
I hit the stage and I spit that shit so sick it make 'em all throw up
They hands in the spit that shit so sick it make them all throw up
Ok wait nah hold up
I had to crawl before I ball
Six feet tall but I felt so small
Ain't have shit so I wanted it all
Yeah, and since my momma's name is Dawn
It's only right that her son rises with the light let's get it on
I'm giving it all that I got for as long as I can
Till I got the whole world in the palm of my hand
Now these bitches is wishing to call me their man
It's like all of a sudden I'm part of the plan
I can't tell if they want my heart or the dough
So I promise I'll never fall for a fan
So I just dedicate my heart to the flow
When I make it just know I do it all for the fans
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[Verse 3: Logic]
Bitches say they love me but ho which side did you get to know
Cold mother fucker I make em' freeze like it's ten below
These chicken heads love it when I pull up in the coupe
Then they salty cuz that bobby soxxer girl is who I scoop now
Speaking on contraception yall not ready for conception
Wasn't even expecting cause you to busy neglectin'
Step to the mic and deliver like 9 months
All these rappers claim they lyrical ain't even rhymed once
I'll be, in the cut, laughing like Nelson Muntz
Cause I'm really livin in the tribein while a mother fucker vibin'
I'm batman in a room full of Robins
They should call me Mr.Freeze cause I sport diamonds
You ain't in my league you jokers is poison ivy
All these two faced motherfuckers would never get by me
Cause I can see everything that you doing
The moment you did it the second I ruin
The greatest to ever do it I'm a shoe in
I gotta believe it that's what I'm pursuing
Cause all of y'all don't even know what you doing
I take what you're building and leave it in ruins I got class
So much class but all of y'all be truant you can ask
Ask the world yeah they know I do it RattPack
Till my pulse flat, and I D.I.E, scratch that
I'm immortal through these verses can't you see
Cause even if I die my words'll never fade through Visionary
Watch me fuck the world till I'm on top we call that missionary
Milk the game for all this dairy stack my bread and get that cheese
Million dollar deals, I turn that down with ease bitch please
Never went to college but I got degrees
From this fire that I'm spittin' leave you shitin' in your pants
I got songs that make you think, make you smoke and make you dance
I'm the most versatile rapper that you've ever heard that's my word
No I ain't cocky I'm just assured
I'm so MD my verses ain't delivered they referred
Like prescriptions my flow rock like inscription
Make sure you listen carefully
Cause my shit be coding up like an encryption
Can't you see that we be worldwide


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