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C Dot Castro - Burglary lyrics

Now I be on that different shit
Y'all be on the same
On the road to riches
Speedin', swervin', switchin' lanes
C dot Castro
Now you know the name
So when I snatch yo dame
You know just who's the one to blame
My flow insane

[Verse 1]
And I came to get it
Finna frog on the beat
Leap on it and then I rip it
They sayin' don’t fuck with it
But I know the feelin' when I spit it
They know I gotta take it but they never will admit it (Killin')
Everytime I grip the mic
They lookin' at him like "this is tight."
Superman flow, no kriptonite
Now we gon get it poppin' in this bitch tonight
My bitch look nice
Your bitch look mean
Gave her the dick, now she addicted to me
Fiending for a hit, like some nicotine
Ride it, wax it, then I rinse it clean
Been on my grown man ever since a teen
And there ain't no man that could intervene
Just wanna blow man, like Lindsey Lohan
So gotta go man, I'mma live my dreams
One hit, quick, then I split
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Then to the studio, grip the mic
Just to rip this shit
Flip the script
Got these niggas pissed as shit that they ain't Chris
Now they bout to slit they wrists
If you ain't never heard of me
You bout to learn I be the nigga, that just murdering these beats
In the damn first degree
Cause thats the only way that works for me
I've been the best since, ummmm
The birth of me
Been number one so long that it hurts to pee
And every single one of my verses be purposely worded perfectly
So please have the courtesy
That if it ain't bout currency
Then just not say a word to me
Since it ain't been the same
I'mma break in the game
But Im takin the fame

I-I be on that different shit
Different shi.., different shit, different shi.., different shit
Y'all be on the same
I be on that, I be on that, I-I be on that
I be on that differnt shi.. different shi... Burglary


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