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C Dot Castro - BTL lyrics

[Hook 1]
No sleep I just work
Hit up the homies like light up the purp
Hit up the lab, OB light that beat
Hop out on stage watch the fans go beserk
Bitch i'm living that life, yea bitch I be living that life
People take pictures like take photography
Bitches they fuck me they do pornography
Haters be plotting me, but ain't no stopping me
Cuz I be bout that life like a biography
This is the life, yea this is the life

[Verse 1]
Maryland that's the hometown
301 that's where it goes down
C-Dot be selling out shows now
Hit your city, shit lookin like a ghost town
Cuz everyone be at the venue
I finish my set, don't need to continue
Don't mean to offend you
But we to it better than you
This that food for thought boy go head grab you a menu
Like, Tell me what you know about it
Yea they all hate it but I made it even though they doubt it
All i did was live my life, then I wrote about it
Take a step back, watch a nigga as I gloat about it
Tell me who you know [?] tape
Don't worry I'll wait
Rattpack, we the best, nobody can't relate
Now you rocking with the greats, motherfucker get it straight
Finna get a life

[Hook 2]
Everywhere we go, they be calling my name
This all we know, we ain't playing no games
You know bout that life yea, you know we bout that life yea x2

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[Verse 2]
I'm just worried bout me fuck all yall
Giving everything I got, nothing to offer yall
Won't stop till they say they can say bought them all
Fuck that shit nigga own them [?], all the cars [?]
Camera flash like drunk bitches at mardi gras
Hit it once she'll probably fall
It's fucked up but I probably won't call tomorrow hell naw
I got better shit to worry bout
Girls fainting at my show getting carried out
I crushed every doubt, that anybody might of ever had
Thought I would've quit, naw never that
I'm up early up every day, and every night I'm up late
Now every time I hot the track I be spittin crack
Motherfuckers want to hit me just to touch base
Fuck that ugh ugh, fuck that ugh ugh
If you started as a hater, stay a hater bitch I'm screaming
Fuck that ugh ugh, fuck that ugh ugh
Now that we got that out the way
Started at the bottom and I made it up
Story of my life so crazy in a way I could've made it up
Crossed over to the mainstream with the same team
Made look so easy you would think i laid it up
Rattpack [?] better get it right
Ain't to negativity over here, we just livin life
CHillin with beautiful women that want to spend the night
So you know I'm finna get it like

[Hook 2]

No sleep I just work
Bitch you know I'm living that life
Yea you know I'm living that life
Yea you know I'm living that life
Yea you know I'm living that life

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