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C Cane - BDL Cypher lyrics

[Instrumental 1]

[Verse 1: Big Narstie]
Base defence league
Base defence league
Base defence league
Defence league
My flow is hard
As a youth, blud, life was hard
I needed P so I picked up hard
Tryna be the big dog in the yard
My [?]
Know I'm out here, late night
Brixton is New Jack City
Who is afraid of the dark?
I'm not and I'm waiting a bulldog bark
Taking a P-A-R cause I let it for my C-A-R
Rock-a-by-baby, send man's head back F-A-R
Mum can't understand the pain
Fam, she said my ears is hard
Said if I live by the gun, I will die by the gun
So it looks like I'm going out hard
Something's just hard, it's a hard
Shoes are hard, 4s are hard
9s are hard, bops are hard
Hold tight the man that was wearing hard
Baby, this didn't come just like flour
Come like it's corn on the cob
I pops this thing on the stick
You're like "Jesus, oh my god"
Know I go hard in the paint
You know that I'm far from a saint
Rock star music, this thing's nothing like Drake
I'm on gas, not brake
Came from an ends where there's piss on the floor
Every penny was hard to make
Water, pots and pans in raw
Chopping up food on a dirty plate
Now here doing all this type of fuckery
Cause when I see a pearly gate
Out here banging with his .38
Told man I'm on a million and nine
Cadbury's man, I am telling man straight
Round here you can get the Cadbury's flake
If you want corn on the cob or call for your dogs, base

[Verse 2: 9 Milli]
I'm from North London where we scream on order
Don't kick ball, do I look like a baller?
Paid in full just like Rich Porter
Tryna make a pound for my unborn daughter
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So I'm heading naughty with the nine in the Corsa
Can't hustle on the corner
Lines too bait for a private caller
Emerton gangbanger, that's what I was
Used to go school with a shank on cosh
Man wanna talk all [?]
Then he's gonna get wet up like he's having a wash
Paid four bags for my Rolex watch
You wanna chat me? I think not
True, I'm a boss, people get squashed
I pull my own but can let something off
Filled with rage
One right hook, that left him dazed
Move like a snake, shall I rattle this cage?
MCs hate but they don't get paid
But I'm better on tunes, better in raves
Better on radio, better on stage
Made so many hits but I ain't been praised
So I feel like I'm getting short-changed
Boom bye bye like what you might say
Black, white or mixed race
Girls that know me all want a taste
My Ghanian tings all shaking [?]
And my Cuban tings, they're cooking man a steak
Come this far so why would I change?
Keep doing grime till my hair turns grey
Nah, we ain't on the same page

[Verse 3: Big Shizz]
Nah, I don't want stripes
I don't want hands out, I don't wanna fight
Don't wanna catch your body cause you know it's on sight
Blacked out ting with a bag, that's Nike
Sometimes I feel like putting the pen down
I feel like I don't wanna write
See me out on the road on a dark night
Batman in an R-series, alright
Are you alright? Try speed out in a whip
But the battle will damage your lights
Jump on a car bonnet, window got sky
But the one in the passenger seat got blind
But it's still got a quick [?] cause he tried
Back in the war, that weren't wise

[Verse 4: Big Shizz]
When I come into the dance, hope that everything's blessed
When they come to the man after them, they see red
Not once in my life have I ever been checked
Hungry like I've never been fed
Catch men at A12, full speed, [?]
In a back road in a C-reg
Respect the levels, back then Little Shit

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