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$.Bvndz - f** It Up lyrics

Dolla sign for them f**ing bandz

Run It Up,Run It Up,Run It Up,f** It Up
Turn Up,Turn Up,Turn Up,f** It Up
Stack It Up,Stack It Up,Stack It Up,f** It Up
Run It Up,Turn Up,and,Stack it Up 2x
Repeats 1x

Run It Up Turn Up and Stack It Up
My squad you know we ain't had enough
Got bad lil b**h and she f** it up
Getting all these bands you know we stack it up
I'm not gone stop till I run it up
Run it up,run it up,run it up
I'm just runnin to the guap
I will never ever stop
All your sh** is just a prop
I'm just going at my pace
A n***a gotta stay laced
So lit a n***a out in space
Told that hoe to give me face
,diamonds shiny like the pearly gates
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Got b**hes out different states
It's dolla sign for them bands
Baby girl nah I'm not ya mans
Cooling rindin' round in a Benz
She love the way my diamonds dance
Yeah we f** up the bank
f** n***a what ya thank
I just gotta get a check
All this ice around my neck
Got y'all f** n***as vexed
You know a young n***a next
Y'all ain't really with the sh**s
Got yall p**y n***as pissed
Yeah them bands I gotta get
Supreme on a n***a fit
You know my squad stay lit
You don't like me but yo b**h do
That's why she f**in' on my crew
My n***as wild like the zoo
Yeah my n***as going ape sh**
Chilling in my bathing ape sh**
Why y'all n***as gotta hate and sh**
I Run It Up Turn Up And Stack It Up

Run It Up Turn Up And Stack It Up 3x

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