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Button Poetry - How We Have Learned To Love lyrics

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In a text message you can say anything. For example: "no I'm not drnk, I juts really missss you. Winky, sadface." "Wanna see a picture of my dick? JK!" "But seriously, do you wanna --- see a picture of m-my dick?" "I think we should see other people." This girl gives me her phone number, I never call her we just send text. I'm forgetting the sound of her voice, the taste and pressing calm of her lips. I wanna leave her when she "LOL's", every time. But this is how we have learned to love. Texting each other pictures of our bodies when we share a bed, we only know how to touch ourselves under the sheets. I ask her, "what color are my eyes?" She asks me, what kind of perfume she wears, how many freckles on the bridge of her nose, her favorite bra. The first time she tells me she loves me, I will read it off of my phone. It makes sense. You see, when firearms were made widely available during wartime, many soldiers still preferred to use the bow and arrow. It is thought; that if the shooter could see the eyes of the man he is k**ing, he never would have fired. This, is how we learned to love. Separating into couch cushions, shooting wildly as if we don't know who we are wounding. This is how we have learned how to f**. Voiceless, bodiless, we write things to each other, awful things without apology. Our phones will remember these words: better, cheated, selfish, stupid, wine, kiss, I, him, me you, I think, we should see other people. I saw her last week --- no. I saw her, she looked like she always did, like uh, like someone who was never really mine. The scent of her perfume, the freckles on her nose, her favorite bra peeking out of her bright shirt. The arrows we have shot through our bodies, each wound soaked to the skin with blood. This, this is how we have learned to love.

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